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        Why Choose Us?
        Our Advantages
        You're a part of us
        We are a global desktop SMT machine leader with a mission: we want to help you bring project to reality and make sure your investment worth every penny.
        More than PNP Machine Manufacturer
        Based on customers requirement, NeoDen Tech keep promoting its quality and service. We offer customers cost efficient SMT solutions as well as products and services.
        Innovation is vital to our success
        Innovation is vital to our success. The service we provide have improved and our ability to respond has increased but what hasn’t changed is our ability to innovate.
         We are always listening
        By working with our customers and listening to what they say, we have broadened our product and service offering to meet the needs of this fast moving market. 
        Know the industry trend constantly
        As part of our service, we offer pre and post sales support and work with our customers to find the optimal solution. Customers speak highly of our SMT equipment not only because of high cost effective and stable quality, we promise to offer our suggestions and feedbacks within 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During warranty period, if any broken of parts, we will supply a new one with free charge for replacement. seven days a week. 
        About Us
        Hangzhou NeoDen Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2010. As a developer and manufacturer of pick and place machine, NeoDen Tech provides SMT solutions all over the globe to a wide range of companies from start-ups to large multinational organizations, especially start-up owners, electronics engineers and lab researchers, those who want to do prototyping and medium-large batch production with a limited budget. 
        Tel: +86-571-26266266
        Add: Building 3,Diaoyu Industrial and Technology Park,No.8-2,Keji Avenue,Yuhang  District,Hangzhou,China
        Email: Steven@neodentech.com
        Contact Us
        Fax: +86-571-26266866
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